Sheli & Her Ghost – Sunday Trap EP

Feines Tier is proud to present the debut of Sheli & Her Ghost, the fresh electronic downbeat project by vocalist Kristina Sheli from Berlin and producer Schlepp Geist from Leipzig. Future beats, synthesizers and an exciting voices flow together like you haven’t heard before: The Sunday Trap EP contains four slow driving original tracks and an uplifting remix by Augsburg’s most track spitting Dominik Marz.
Shakespeare Sadness is an ode to self-discovery. Also sadness and loneliness can cause something beautiful like an awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.
„Body“ is about a guilty conscience and about betraying your principles.
It’s a self-loathing by your own actions that you can’t undo.
„Sunday Trap“ is about a toxic love relationship that’s headed for a logical ending.
„Dhabi“: The track was created while traveling and has a wanderlust spirit. It is a mental proximity through times, worlds and galaxies. A kind of modern cyber love story.

Release date: 10.07.2020 (Vinyl) // 24.07.2020 (digital)
Worldwide Distribution: kompakt

Sunday Trap Video von Urban & Uncut

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