Luis Rosenberg – How I Met The Bass

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Q: Talking about your mix, your roots: how did these tracks have an impact on your later doings?

A: My father grew up in the 1960s and collected a lot of vinyls from this time. When I was young, he was often playing albums from Bob Dylan, Petty Smith, Frank Zappa, J.J. Cale etc. and translated the lyrics for me. I had to include at least one track of those artists because thats really where it all began. Following the tradition of my father I started to collect vinyls myself. In the beginning random things that had a nice cover and were pressed on vinyl and later on more hip hop and electronic stuff. I’m still listening to music from the 60s and 70s though and I guess this has some sort of an impact on my style.

Q: Compared to the music you’re now playing: would you still include one of these tracks in your current sets?

A: The majority not, but some of them. When I prepared the set I found loads of cool tracks I have not listend to in ages. I’ll definitely try to include them more often in future sets.

Q: Which exciting Luis Rosenberg projects are coming this year?

A: I’m taking it a bit slower at the moment because I’m focusing on non-music related projects. However I am going to play at a couple of festivals and I’m especially looking forward to playing in Thailand for the first time later this year.


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Alter Ego Podcast 21 | Philipp Fein

Philipp Fein hat einen neuen Podcast aufgenommen. Dieses Mal für die Alter Ego Crew aus Amsterdam. Die haben den Mix wie folgt angekündigt:

„Our buddy from Cologne Philipp Fein made a new hip shaking podcast. Club owner, dj, producer, labelmanager (Feines Tier), bookingagent (e.g. Holger Hecler) and organiser of renowned parties, all combined in one person. This man breaths music. On Easter Sunday it’s time to meet his dj alter ego…“

In diesem Artikel des Magneticmag findet ihr eine schöne Zusammenfassung der Alter Ego Crew, ihrem nicht kommerziellen Anspruch und natürlich den legendären Shoeless Partys in Amsterdam.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-07 um 19.26.47

GEFELLT Podcast 004 – Peter Pardeike

Unser neuer Podcast von Peter Pardeike ist heute online gegangen, was uns natierlich sehr freut!
Peter Pardeike bekam in letzter Zeit immer mehr nationale und internationale Aufmerksamkeit, nachdem er zusammen mit Marcus Worgull auf Dixon’s Innervisions die „Lenoix EP“ veröffentlichte. Zur Zeit sitzt er in seinem Kölner Studio an verschiedenen Remixarbeiten, von denen ihr ein Werk auf dem Podcast hören könnt. Frohes Hörvergnügen wünschen wir!


Feines Tier