Patrick Alavi – Profashion EP

26 Nov, 2017

Patrick Alavi – Profashion EP (FT008)

Patrick Alavi isn’t a prince of Cologne carnival. Some people call him bass line king but his music has nothing to do with the royals. Alavi’s now back on track after really doing his thing in the studio creating hundreds of unreleased tunes in the last decade without releasing it.
The first EP track called Clown isn’t funny at all but a real grooving arpeggio beast that is slowly evolving. Stoner’s paradise!
The second tune is called Profashion. It’s dedicated to all the fashion junkies and people out there who are selfish enough giving not a damn about fur and animal harming in one of the dirtiest industry’s of our planet.
The third track is a direct answer to a very special man out there.



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