Dominik Marz – Shine EP

After his his collabo „Dune EP“ with Yannick Labbe earlier this year, Augsburgian up-and-comer and cap-sporting cutie Dominik Marz already has his next EP for Feines Tier ready to go in the shape of his extremely dancefloor ready signature sound. No matter which tune you’ll pick for your virtual mega raves or zero incidence PCR-tested open air dance floors, the crowd will thank you by moving a bit harder than before. Be it the 8-bit synth lead driven title track SHINE, the deeper DREAMER with its name-giving vocal samples, the 90s-rave-reminiscent CONTROL or the slow-burner MAGIC MOUNTAINS, there’s no way to play the „wrong“ tune on this record.

Cover Artwork: Matthias Kaiser>

Sarah Wild – Planet Glitch EP

Berlin based Sarah Wild drops her first solo EP on Feines Tier label including a hammering arpeggio driven Tony y Not remix.
During the last years Sarah recommended herself as a respected DJ after enjoying a classical musical Saxophone training in her early youth.
The Planet Glitch EP celebrates life on this crazy globe full of problems on the one hand, but pure beauty on the other. Fact is, this chaos also generates creativity so here she goes! Waiting for an after pandemic reunion with all of you very soon on the dance floor.

Fred Berthet – Lost & Sound EP

Marseille based Frenchman Fred Berthet -– also known as DJ Steef – is finally back on Cologne’s Feines Tier label after his vinyl EP Chaleur Spectrale in 2018 and an edit EP in 2020. His new Lost & Sound EP is a strong 6 tracker showing Fred’s love for house music with a special catch. Once again multi-instrumentalist and producer Johannes Klingebiel delivers a superbe remix with his well known distinctive touch. Eh boom! C’est le shock!

Theus Mago – Angola EP

Mexican wizzard Theus Mago is back on Cologne’s Feines Tier with a new EP called Angola.
It ain’t a secret anymore he’s one of the hottest producers of the South American continent and dj’s around the globe love him for his distinctive dark modular sound. Three uplifting original pieces and a breakbeat driven remix bomb by Berlin legend Sascha Funke will keep you and your neighbors very happy during the pandemic. But this package is even timeless enough to gain massive dancefloor presence in after pandemic times and regions. Soar up!

Cover Pic by Oliver Kühnel

Feines Tier pres. Malka Tuti w/ Die Orangen * Katzele * Philipp Fein

DIE ORANGEN – Live – (Malka Tuti)
KATZELE (Malka Tuti)
PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)

Feine orangene Tiere sind: Hummer, Orang-Utans, Goldfische und … Die Orangen! Sie leben im fernen Imaginationsland Namens Malka Tuti und unternehmen in ihrer reichlich vorhandenen Freizeit gerne Soundexperimente, die sich ungebunden jeglicher Konventionen im outernationalen Soundspektrum bewegen. Didgeridoo Sounds kollidieren dort auf friedliche Weise mit verwaschenen Sprachaufnahmen, wodurch ein magischer Klangsaft destilliert wird, der bei Konsum ungeahnte Kräfte wachwerden lässt. Außerdem ist der Malka Tuti Head Katzele am Start, der in gleicher Weise frei durch den Kosmos der experimentierfreudigen Klubmusik streunt. Der Feines Tier Resident Philipp Fein macht die Reisegruppe komplett.

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