Ditian – Strange Pleasure EP

Our first original artist Ep of ´23 comes from Argentinean super talent Ditian, known for his output on labels like Innervisions and Exit Strategy among others. He delivers two dark yet emotionally charged rollers ready to melt your brain on the dancefloor. Ditian himself says this EP is about „bittersweet bursts of lucid images in our memory“, and you can really feel that on the first track „Strange Pleasure“. Beautiful tear-jerking melodies alternate and co-exist with more abstract sounds and create this unique mood hard to put into words, but amazing to experience. „Foxia“ is the darker, more dystopian one of the two, with its dissonant lead sounds and drony bass layers. Yet also here the production has a certain warmth to it, that might keep you from abandoning all hope. Or, as Ditian puts it, finding „pleasure in those things that when we remember them, strangely reward us in various ways, moments that have been recorded with an admirable fidelity. Say without speaking, just feel.

Popnoname – Horizons Remixes II

What Chat GPT says:
Popnoname, the German electronic music artist, is back with a bang with his latest EP release „Horizons Remixes 2“ on the renowned Cologne-based label Feines Tier. This EP features reinterpretations of two original tracks by the talented artists Fango and Alma & Mater, giving the listener a fresh perspective on Popnoname’s already captivating soundscapes. Get ready to be taken on a journey through an ethereal and experimental sound experience with „Horizons Remixes 2“. A must-listen for fans of Popnoname and electronic music enthusiasts alike. The release is distributed by the iconic Kompakt distribution, known for their unparalleled taste in electronic music.

Schlepp Geist – Multi Tool EP

Feines Tier proudly presents their newest item in stock: The Schlepp Geist Multi-Tool™! In the hand of a professional or committed amateur this versatile instrument will easily let you strip the long cable of the pandemic and hammer down bangers (or so-called „Bretter“ as we say in Germany) on your local dancefloor. Development of this tool took place during lockdown times conducted by Mr Schlepp Geist himself in his research lab in Downtown Leipzig. Sparing neither trouble nor expense he gathered and sampled all kinds of raw material, be it from his ever-growing modular system, some „15er Maulschlüssel“ to (de-)tune the OSC’s or his daughters toys. Be sure to fold out all four core elements of the Schlepp Geist Multi-Tool™ and test their impressive versatility and usability range. And that’s not all! We even added two special revised and tweaked versions by Mila Stern and Oberst & Buchner to the assortment for some extra sharpness.

Buy | Stream: https://fanlink.to/ft048_schleppgeist

Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé – Dune EP + DC Salas Remix

Collabs between Dominik Marz and Yannick Labbé have been dropping regularly since months now. The guys’ associative approach to techno is a quirky mix of grit and grace that aims for greatness. Their new release on Feines Tier is no exception: the three tracks are an invitation to lose oneself in textures, sounds, melodies – all wrapped up in loop-based arrangements. As a bonus, DC Salas delivers a remix that injects a proper dose of techno and turns the track „meaning“ into a peaktime rocker that, well, how should we put it… bangs. A lot. Try it out on your COVID home-dancefloor!
Buy: https://fanlink.to/ft026_dune

Feines Tier w/ Aera, Franca, Philipp Fein im Gewölbe Köln

AERA (Hivern Discs, Permanent Vacation)
FRANCA (Kater Blau, Feines Tier)
PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/420747925490647/
VVK-Tickets: https://gewoelbe.ticket.io

Die Ära der Tierherrschaft ist angebrochen – Wie gut, dass wir durch die Feinen Tieren schon lange eine produktive Partnerschaft ins Tierreich unterhalten. Zum Jahresende haben Franca und Philip Fein sich nochmal einen hochkarätigen Vertreter der House Nation eingeladen. Der Berliner DJ und Produzent Aera ist schon seit den frühen Nullerjahren im Game und ließ spätestens seit seinem 2016er Release auf Innervisions die Musik-Motoren richtig heißlaufen. Sein Markenzeichen sind kristallklare, verspielte Synthielines, die er wie hundert leuchtende Ballons in den Nachthimmel aufsteigen lässt und die stets unterlegt sind von bestechenden Housegrooves. Die Decks teilt sich Aera in dieser Nacht mit den oben genannten Tier-Residents Franca und Philipp Fein, die ebenfalls tief in ihre Musiksammlungen tauchen um für euch den allerfeinsten Sound auszubuddeln.

Feines Tier