Roe Deers – Landscape EP

Feines Tier is entering its 60s together with Lithuanian lad Liudas Lazauskas aka Roe Deers and his Landscape EP. We’re not exactly sure if those titular landscapes are to be understood literally, figuratively, metaphorically or all at once, nevertheless they are fascinating and a marvel to take in. Where and how do we start? With an (un)healthy dose of acid of course! „I’m very sorry (Acid)“ takes care of that, with the tune delivering everything the title promises, experience report included. Better make sure set and setting are right for this one! After that we’re taking a thrilling „Helicopter“ ride to „Glory“ and try not to loose our „Shoes“. Ok, that was a little cheap, I’m Very Sorry (Acid)! (Sorry again!) Anyway, to speak in strictly musical terms, „Helicopter“ is a banger. And „Glory“ is just beautiful with its gorgeous addictive swirling arps, while „Shoes“ keeps it cool tempo-wise and also mood-wise, creeping through some dark back-alleys with moody breakbeat drums and brooding synth chords. The penultimate „Silent Stories“ picks up the pace again a little bit, but gets even more grubby, hypnotic and seductive vocals included, before we get another face-melter with the closer „Sash“, which goes hard on the electric bass in your face, pitched-down vocals and some cowbells for good measure. Thank you Roe Deers for guiding us through these Landscapes for our 60th, the fresh air makes us feel like teenagers again.

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Feines Tier im Gewölbe

On Friday we will be celebrating our first party in 2024 at Gewölbe Cologne. 🔈🔈
Admission sequence starts on January 12 at 23:00.
See one of our actual favorite producers and DJs playing his premiere in Cologne alongside resident Philipp Fein
Roe Deers is a DJ and producer based in Vilnius Lithuania. He’s an integral part of the local scene as a resident at the well-known Opium Club Vilnius, which turned out to be the pulsating aorta for a distinctive sound in the Baltic country.
Roe Deers has been playing international clubs and festivals for several years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He really is one to watch in the future. Roe’s unflagging DJ-sets and music productions captivate with rolling arps vintage analog synths and arrangements that are fresh and imaginative showing that you don’t need a formula to get a successful international following and land on the playlists of the biggest DJs.
Alongside releasing tracks on labels such as Omnidisc, Nein Records, Throne Of Blood or Hard Fist to name a few he’s been pushing the boundaries and exploring the uncharted territories with different shades of dirty electronic music. Last but not least you should also listen to his remixes and countless edits to get the big picture of this outstanding artist. 🎶

Feines Tier Zoo Vol. 3 – The Remixes

turbulent year is coming to an end so Cologne bases label Feines Tier celebrates it with the Zoo Compilation Vol.3 „The Remixes“. 30 remixes from 10 years of Feines Tier label, which you surely haven’t heard all yet.
Marcel Kreuzer aka Zoologne is again responsible for the wonderful cover artwork.

Remixers in alphabetical order: Acid Pauli, Ada, Aera, Axel Boman, Bawrut, Benjamin Fröhlich, Bryan Kessler, Conga Fever, Curses, Damon Jee, Dave DK, DC Salas, Deadbeat, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Dominik Marz, dwig, Echonomist, Iorie, Lauer, Man Power, Middle Sky Boom, Marcus Worgull, Mytron & Ofofo, Rodion, Roe Deers, Sascha Funke, Simple Symmetry, Theus Mago, Thomass Jackson, Tony y Not.

Radial Gaze – Apollonius (incl. SHMLSS & Roe Deers Remixes)

Feines Tier is kicking off in 2021 with a top notch EP by St. Petersburg based brothers Radial Gaze.
Andrey is an electronic musician, producer and mixing engineer, resident of the club „Skotny Dvor“. Stas is a sound designer, theatre director and author of music for theatrical performances. So non-trivial synthesis, new media and club vibes meet classic arts and Russian percussion! The Apollonius EP contains three original tracks plus remixes by the likes of Roe Deers and SHMLSS making this record just a perfect club music ride. Vinyl diggers are appreciating the beautiful artwork of the limited and hand numbered edition on black plastic.


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