fi x Feines Tier y Tiefgang

DASCO (bisexuality exists)
Philipp Fein (feines tier)
Keikee (feines tier)

Maria Theresia von Eberg (afterhour sounds)
sophya (tiefgang)
Dael (tiefgang)
Ursprung fi
Widdersdorfer Str. 246, Köln

Feines Tier existiert als Party seit 2010 mit regelmäßigen, Veranstaltungen in Kölner Locations wie Odonien, Schrebergarten, Gewölbe, Jackwho und Auswärtsspielen in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, München oder Stuttgart. Mit dem gleichnamigen Label wurden seit 2012 inzwischen 60 EP’s und Alben veröffentlicht, oftmals auch auf Vinyl.
Zur Premiere im fi haben die feinen Tiere DASCO eingeladen, deren englischsprachige Kurzbio wir nicht ins Deutsche übersetzen möchten:
DASCO’s energy is infectious. The Berlin-based DJ, producer and label owner has been setting dancefloors alight over the past decade. A true house and techno aficionado, the roots of her sound can be traced back to electronic music’s golden age of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Carrying an undeniable sense of joy and liberation, she effortlessly blurs the lines between classic and contemporary; traits that continue to endear her to new audiences aplenty.
As a DJ, DASCO has graced the decks of a host of renowned dancefloors, including Panorama Bar, Bassiani, Fusion, Into the Woods or Polifonic Festival.

Die Tiefgang Crew veranstaltet Partys mit ausschließlich Midtempo und Downtempo Musik, das Tempo gedrosselt aber trotzdem tanzbar und ordentlich nach vorne!
Ausgefallene Deko- und Lichtkonzepte und ein ganz eigener Vibe machen die Veranstaltungen der Crew zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis.

Feines Tier im Gewölbe

On Friday we will be celebrating our first party in 2024 at Gewölbe Cologne. 🔈🔈
Admission sequence starts on January 12 at 23:00.
See one of our actual favorite producers and DJs playing his premiere in Cologne alongside resident Philipp Fein
Roe Deers is a DJ and producer based in Vilnius Lithuania. He’s an integral part of the local scene as a resident at the well-known Opium Club Vilnius, which turned out to be the pulsating aorta for a distinctive sound in the Baltic country.
Roe Deers has been playing international clubs and festivals for several years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He really is one to watch in the future. Roe’s unflagging DJ-sets and music productions captivate with rolling arps vintage analog synths and arrangements that are fresh and imaginative showing that you don’t need a formula to get a successful international following and land on the playlists of the biggest DJs.
Alongside releasing tracks on labels such as Omnidisc, Nein Records, Throne Of Blood or Hard Fist to name a few he’s been pushing the boundaries and exploring the uncharted territories with different shades of dirty electronic music. Last but not least you should also listen to his remixes and countless edits to get the big picture of this outstanding artist. 🎶

Last Tier Standing in Odonien

lastbeatstanding und Feines Tier präsentieren
>> LINE UP <<
Curses (Dischi Autunno/Ombra INTL)
Philipp Fein (Feines Tier)
Keikee (Feines Tier)
Freddy & Tammo (Cypher)
>> DOORS <<
08. September // 23:00h
Hornstraße 85
50823 Köln

Feines Tier in Odonien

Lineup a-z

BURAKETE (Süperdisko)
KEIKEE (Feines Tier)
PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)

Start: 23:00 Uhr, Odonien Köln




Istanbul Ghetto Club hide behind masks and veils, but they have nothing to hide. Under the name Istanbul Ghetto Club they bring together the sounds of modular synthesizers with traditional Anatolian instruments. The result is called „Anatolian Acid,“ a genre-bending sound that originated in Berlin’s widely recognized underground and avant-garde scene. While experimenting with performance and new media art, and employing a wide range of contributors in production and on stage, they embody an interface between three fields of tension: East and West, underground and mainstream, tradition and zeitgeist.


The sound of Martha van Straaten (Laut & Luise, Berlin) can be described as the patchwork of a thousand joyful days in the sun. With fond love forcolorful tunes from all over the world, she blends the musical treasures she discovers on her neverending journey.
When travelling to one of her shining performances, she dives deep into the local culture and absorbs the patterns, habits and sensual sensations of her surroundings just to translate all of these well collected influences into a multi-ethnic collage of sound. Martha van Straaten truly is a bright star in her genre: She brought her sound to countless countries on all five continents, happily performing in small-town clubs as well as on main stages of this planets biggest festivals, only to leave behind a most delighted audience.
As she is always seeking new ways to express her understanding of intercultural links in music as well adding her contribution to the development of a genre, Martha van Straaten produced a series of playful and carefully crafted edits which are also released on vinyl. There is no need to say that one can only expect the most while attending to one of her shows, as the eyes of a whole scene are resting on her and curiously waiting for her next move.

Burakete is one of the most popular and influential voices in Turkish and diasporic music and club culture in Germany.
As an ambassador of a postmigrant society, for over 15 years, Burakete has been organizing and curating transcultural and postmigrant formats, ranging from festivals, concerts, and exhibitions to BBQ parties and the club format süperdisko. Equally, for just as long, as a DJ, Burakete breaks down cultural-racist barriers and thought patterns when Anatolian funk rarities, Arabic disco, or Kurdish Halay (unearthed from Turkish flea markets and record stores) meet electronic club music on vinyl. The diasporic sound cultures not only reflect Burakete’s diverse hybrid identity but also bring the idea of cultural diversity and a postmigrant society onto the dance floor.
Local international support by Feines Tier residents Keikee and Philipp Fein.
Artwork: Frank Horrlitz aka Raumwiese

Feines Tier