Luca Musto – Nice Place, Bad Intentions REMIXED

Following his acclaimed debut album „Nice Place, Bad Intentions“ on Feines Tier, Luca Musto presents seven remixes from some of his favorite producers. Look forward to new interpretations from Powel, Middle Sky Boom, Xique Xique, The Revenge, Coss, Iorie and Madmotormiquel.

Pic: Oliver Kühnel

Luca Musto – Nice Place, Bad Intentions LP

“Einsteigen Bitte!”

After more than six years of collaboration between label and artist, Feines Tier and Luca Musto bring to you the highly anticipated first full length LP “Nice Place, Bad Intentions”.

Musto’s first LP “Nice Place Bad Intentions” departs from the conventional 4/4 time signature. Instead, the album’s structure and the tracks themselves are reminiscent of a 1990s/2000s Hip Hop long play release. This becomes evident in the fact that the LP not only features 17 tracks, including skits and interludes, but also that they make up the framework of a conceptual album. Here, listeners will be encouraged to follow the track list and listen to “Nice Place, Bad Intentions” in one go.

“Nice Place, Bad Intentions” was produced over a period of 1,5 years. Besides the majority being original samples and vocals from Luca Musto, the LP also features a number of studio musicians, including bass players, trumpeters and guitarists. Cologne-based guitarist Simon Bahr can be found on several tracks, including the three singles “Infiltrate”, “Boogie Angst” and “Real Name, No Gimmicks”. Moreover, the skits and interludes are spoken by professional voice actors from the US and Canada.

The Berlin-themed album follows the characters Mick and Richie, who are all about partying and come to the city for one weekend in hopes to have the time of their lives. When the characters’ expectations meet reality, their naiveté (or bad intentions) lead them to getting screwed, robbed and even arrested. These stories about their journey through Germany’s capital are found in the interludes and skits. Listeners can follow them passing infamous places and metro stations in the city based on sampled BVG announcements, which gives the album a radio play vibe.

Sound-wise, Luca Musto’s unique sounds include scratched hooks that meet original lyrics and melodies, resulting in distinctive genre-bending tunes. As Mick and Richie stumble through some of Berlin’s most infamous places, their expectations repeatedly clash with the reality of the capital’s nightlife. Similarly the listeners’ expectations are twisted and turned. Yet, the soundtrack underlining the characters’ journey never disappoints and brings its listeners on a rhythmic trip of old and new sounds. From rapping on downtempo as in “City of Grind” to merging the classic structure of electronic music with funky guitar licks and unconventional chord transitions as in “Infiltrate”, the LP feels at once like a daring experiment and like the beginning of a developing new genre.

Artwork by Elena Schädel

Feines Tier im Bahnwärter Thiel (Verschoben)

Feine Tiere schwärmen immer wieder aus, doch die Natur verlangt ein regelmäßiges Zusammenkommen der feinsten unter ihnen. Deshalb kommt eine Rudelvertretung aus dem entlegendsten Unterholz für ein Treffen in den Bahnwärter Thiel. Als selbsternanntes internationales Feierteam werden die Wochenend-Tiere Ninze, Holger Hecler und Luca Musto die Schar repräsentieren.

Ninze (Laut & Luise / Feines Tier)

Holger Hecler (Feines Tier / &&)

Luca Musto (Feines Tier / &&)

Artwork: raumwiese

Luca Musto – Proper Preaching EP

Real Name, No Gimmicks.

In late 2015, Luca’s debut “Situations” first saw the light of day on Feines Tier. The EP was a whimsical fusion of his Hip-Hop roots with electric rhythms and mesmerizing boogie. Now, with his forthcoming third solo record “Proper Preaching”, he comes full circle.

Musto returns with a blend of handmade instrumental sound by his fellow musicians and that special dash of his notorious intricate groove.
The record takes the listeners on a spiritual ride of revelations and hidden messages. Simultaneously, the four tracks deal with philosophical issues by telling stories of morality in “Lucy’s Intension,” the ambitions in “State of Grind” and “Lie To Me,” and finally faith in “Proper Preaching.”

All of this is merged together by the use of samples as well as Luca’s own recordings of words and atmospheres. Finally, the bigger picture is revealed, fueled by the eloquent subtext and the memory of the ones he lost.

„No matter how simple things look, when God is in it, no one can destroy it“

Can we get a witness?


Release Date: 26.04.2019 (vinyl + single) // 10.05.2019 (digital)

worldwide distribution:
Catalog No. FT015


A1 Luca Musto – Lucy’s Intension
A2 Luca Musto – State Of Grind
B1 Luca Musto – Lie To Me
B2 Luca Musto – Proper Preaching

Written, Produced and Mixed by Luca Musto
at Buschfunk Studios, Berlin

Additional Guitars by Leo-Ebert Glang
Additional Cello by Benny Boginski

(p)&(c) Feines Tier

Luca Musto – Situations EP (FT004)


Global release date: 4th November 2016


1. Luca Musto – Ticon
2. Luca Musto – Movements
3. Luca Musto – Sileo
4. Luca Musto – Situations feat. Louve

We are proud to present Luca Musto’s debut EP called Situations.

Luca Musto is an enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, his electronic music – some call it ‚slow-house‘ – oozes of grooving beats and hypnotizing melodies.

With Italian roots reflecting rhythms through spaces into a musical mirror, you might get ready to set up cozy, yet grounded atmospheres. In every single track Luca’s vision of deeply impulsive ambiences moves on as the rolling beat does. His wide range of downlifting electronic vibes was already spread through several shows around Europe this summer including Feines Tier’s temporary homebase Jackwho in Cologne. One might be sure that this journey really has just begun.

Cover Artwork by Gonzales de la Fuente aka Ultragood Trip

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