Johannes Klingebiel – Grosse Trommel LP

Following his pre-album ALLES ODER NICHTS EP from October, Johannes Klingebiel finally unveils his full new album for Feines Tier, and this time he’s hitting the Bass Drum, la Gran Cassa, die GROSSE TROMMEL!

Consisting of a collection of tunes written during the lockdown months, you can feel a sense of longing for the dancefloor in the music. As can be said for most of Johannes’ productions it’s walking the line between being ready for the club and your headphones or kitchen HiFi-system at the same time.
Besides the already released EP-tunes some standouts in the tracklist include the title track with its Aphex Twin-esque combination of harsh drum beats and gorgeous melodies, the garage-house-floating beauty SCHWEBEN or the simplistic KLARHEIT with its Kraftwerky minimalism. The soft double-stroke of ACHJA and VIELLEICHT is closing out the record with a melancholic sigh, leaving you thinking „maybe, just maybe it will all work out in the end…“

Johannes Klingebiel – Alles Oder Nichts EP

After quite a hiatus the Ex-Kölner and semi-new-Neuköllner artist Johannes Klingebiel eventually delivers his follow-up record to his much-loved „Latewood“ EP on Feines Tier. And this time he says, go big or go home! Alles oder nichts. All or nothing. The title track is probably the fastest track he ever released (he tried to slow it down a notch… didn’t work!) and is overflowing with all kinds of emotions with the utmost urgency any dancefloor can achieve. When this tune is on, it really feels like everything is on the line! The a1 track Xero is more relaxed on that front, grooving and jamming away on a simple synth-pattern, which could basically go on forever if you’d just let it. The remaining original Zopf is label honcho Philipp Fein’s secret favorite of the record and a piano house banger maybe not in its purest but definitely in the most Klingebiely form. Some wonky chords and tipsy high notes, what else do you need?! On the flip you’ll top class remixes by Innervisions staple Marcus Worgull and Spanish up-and-comer Gullen, who put their own personal spin on two of the tunes.

Artwork by Lorenz Klingebiel

Fred Berthet – Lost & Sound EP

Marseille based Frenchman Fred Berthet -– also known as DJ Steef – is finally back on Cologne’s Feines Tier label after his vinyl EP Chaleur Spectrale in 2018 and an edit EP in 2020. His new Lost & Sound EP is a strong 6 tracker showing Fred’s love for house music with a special catch. Once again multi-instrumentalist and producer Johannes Klingebiel delivers a superbe remix with his well known distinctive touch. Eh boom! C’est le shock!

OUT NOW – Zoo Vol.2 Compilation

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Feines Tier w/ Curses, Johannes Klingebiel, Philipp Fein

►CURSES (Dischi Autunno, Wrong Area, Tusk Wax)
►JOHANNES KLINGEBIEL (Beats in Space, Ancient Future Now, Mireia)
►PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)

Wir eröffnen ein weiteres Mal das Kabinett der Feinen Tiere. Schwere dunkelrote Samtvorhänge öffnen sich für eine extravagante Performance von Curses. Die Musik des in Berlin beheimateten New Yorkers erfüllt die Luft mit romantischen Fiktionen, wenn seine düstere Bassriffs gepaart mit treibenden EBM Beats das Brustbein zum beben bringen. Im Schatten seiner Sounds erkennt man Bilder von Joy Division und ferne Erinnerungen an emotionsgeladene Synthesizermusik der 80er Jahre. Zur Vorbereitung dreht der Multiinstrumentalist Johannes Klingebiel das Glücksrad. Seine Tracks scheinen aus einer antiken Zukunft herüberzuschallen, wo sich Lo-Fi Klänge mit komplexen Jazz Strukturen und House Beats zu einen fesselnden Flow vermischen, der durchaus hypnotisch wirken kann. Dem Hausmagier Philipp Fein ist es zuzuschreiben, in hellseherischer Voraussicht Johannes Klingebiels erste Platte auf seinem Label veröffentlicht zu haben. So werden die beiden den Abend in freundschaftlich-musikalischem Hochglanz erstrahlen lassen.

Limitierte Tickets im VVK/ Limited presale tickets:
Restliche Tickets an der AK/ There will be tickets at the door on the night of the event

Sommerfell mit Patlac / Atlantik / Shumi / Philipp Fein / Franca / Johannes Klingebiel / Denis Stockhausen

feines tier & last beat standing präsentieren ihr Sommerfell!

Bei der zweiten Ausgabe unseres diesjährigen Sommerfells putzen wir den Pelz fürs Odonien fein raus.


PATLAC (liebe*detail / pets recordings / HH)
ATLANTIK (Sisyphon)
JOHANNES KLINGEBIEL (∆∆∆ / Ancient Future)
FRANCA (Feines Tier /WIR)
SHUMI (low hanging fruit / kompakt)
PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier / Ancient Future)

Veranstaltung bei Facebook

08.08. / Odonien / 23h / Hornstrasse 85 / 50823 Köln

Feines Tier