Popnoname – Horizons Remixes II

What Chat GPT says:
Popnoname, the German electronic music artist, is back with a bang with his latest EP release „Horizons Remixes 2“ on the renowned Cologne-based label Feines Tier. This EP features reinterpretations of two original tracks by the talented artists Fango and Alma & Mater, giving the listener a fresh perspective on Popnoname’s already captivating soundscapes. Get ready to be taken on a journey through an ethereal and experimental sound experience with „Horizons Remixes 2“. A must-listen for fans of Popnoname and electronic music enthusiasts alike. The release is distributed by the iconic Kompakt distribution, known for their unparalleled taste in electronic music.

Video: Feines Tier mit Jay Shepheard / Kollektiv Ost / Franca / Philipp Fein / Alma & Mater

Das ist es endlich, das Video unserer Party im Mai im Heinz Gaul Köln. Vielen Dank an Baris Zencirli für einen weiteren Feinschnitt der Extraklasse!

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13.07.2013 – 3 Jahre Feines Tier im Heinz Gaul mit


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