Kubebe & Leonor – Midnight Man EP

Two producers, a French and a Mexicano, who are living in two different cities in France have been composing an EP together. The guys have never crossed paths, and have still yet to meet in person. We are talking about Kubebe from Lille and Leonor from Tournus. The love that they have in common for each other’s music forged their desire for this collab to happen. The Midnight Man EP was created using a Ping Pong process, taking about two weeks. The result is a beautiful 80’s driven EP including one slower and one uplifting original as well as two splendid remixes by German synth master Lauer and the Swedish Elfenberg duo from Stockholm. What a package!

Back in Odonien – 17.09.2021

Back in Odonien!

MARCUS WORGULL (Innervisions / Chorus)
DETMOLT (Feines Tier)
ANA HELDER (Müstique)
PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)

Artwork by https://raumwiese.de

Tickets gibt es im Vorverkauf solange der Vorrat reicht.
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GGG+ Nachweis (Geimpft/Genesen/PCR-Getestet) und Ausweisdokument erforderlich.
Bitte beachtet und befolgt die Hinweise auf der Infotafel am Eingang.
Im Eingangsbereich gilt Abstand halten und Maskenpflicht. Ebenso an der Theke.
Wenn ihr euch krank fühlt, bleibt bitte zuhause!

Hounah – Fairbanks (Single)

“Fairbanks” is the first single from Daniel Nitsch’s first album “Broken Land” of his latest project “Hounah”. Daniel invites for this song the Swiss singer Lena Schmidt. “Fairbanks” grants in a special way a deep look into their feelings and thoughts. Influenced by TripHop of the late early 1990s “Fairbanks” shows a soulful fusion of sounds. You can see that Daniel and his project “Hounah” obviously doesn’t like any preconceived patterns, being mentally on the way – and this beyond conventions.

The remixes come from the great Mexican producer Theus Mago and Canada’s finest dub-producer Deadbeat.

Dominik Marz – Shine EP

After his his collabo „Dune EP“ with Yannick Labbe earlier this year, Augsburgian up-and-comer and cap-sporting cutie Dominik Marz already has his next EP for Feines Tier ready to go in the shape of his extremely dancefloor ready signature sound. No matter which tune you’ll pick for your virtual mega raves or zero incidence PCR-tested open air dance floors, the crowd will thank you by moving a bit harder than before. Be it the 8-bit synth lead driven title track SHINE, the deeper DREAMER with its name-giving vocal samples, the 90s-rave-reminiscent CONTROL or the slow-burner MAGIC MOUNTAINS, there’s no way to play the „wrong“ tune on this record.

Cover Artwork: Matthias Kaiser>

Sarah Wild – Planet Glitch EP

Berlin based Sarah Wild drops her first solo EP on Feines Tier label including a hammering arpeggio driven Tony y Not remix.
During the last years Sarah recommended herself as a respected DJ after enjoying a classical musical Saxophone training in her early youth.
The Planet Glitch EP celebrates life on this crazy globe full of problems on the one hand, but pure beauty on the other. Fact is, this chaos also generates creativity so here she goes! Waiting for an after pandemic reunion with all of you very soon on the dance floor.

Feines Tier