A-Tweed – Slime Mould Maze EP

New EP from Italian A-Tweed, a psychedelic freak journey this time mainly focused on digital sounds.
The title track „Slime Mould Maze“ is dedicated to Physarum polycephalum, a single-celled, brainless organism that can make “decisions” and solve mazes. A tribute to the weird side of nature.
„Midi Cooper“ is a track completely produced with digital sounds controlled via Midi. All samples come from original 1960s advertisings.
„Easels Ripped My Flesh“ is another pun to express A-Tweed’s love for Buchla synthesizers (Buchla Music Easel) and Frank Zappa’s music (Weasels Ripped My Flesh,1970).
The release includes two remixes by French producer Kubebe and German Tassilo Vanhoefen.

Feines Tier in Odonien w/ Atlantik, Martha van Straaten, Philipp Fein and more

Line Up:
ATLANTIK (Sisyphos / Feines Tier)
PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)
UWE LACTO (Lafari)
CORONUS (Kollektiv 33)
Artwork by https://raumwiese.de
Odonien Cologne / 09.04.2022 / 23:00
An dieser Stelle möchten wir unsere Solidarität mit der Ukraine bekunden und werden einen Teil der Gewinne an eine noch zu benennende Hilfsorganisation spenden, die sich für die vielen Geflüchteten einsetzt. Am Einlass werden wir zudem eine Spendenbox auftstellen und möchten euch motivieren zu spenden, damit wir trotz der geringeren Kapazitäten aufgrund der Pandemielage trotzdem ein beachtliches Sümmchen spenden können. 🇺🇦
Die Abendkasse öffnet um 23:00Uhr.
2G+ Nachweis und Ausweisdokument erforderlich!
Bitte beachtet und befolgt die Hinweise auf der Infotafel am Eingang.
Wenn ihr euch krank fühlt, bleibt bitte zuhause!

Time To Sleep – Vedorna EP

Time To Sleep’s premiere on Cologne’s Feines Tier. This guy from Croatia kicks a** with a brand new EP! Vedorna is a discoish track with electro elements and a hypnotising drive. The Dissonance dub of the title track is more like a “house not house“ rework, to enjoy and maybe for the intimate setting. And finally, Nasgavak is a tribalish house track with elements of acid and mesmerising pads imaginable in different (psychedelic) situations or your early dj-shift.

Mishell – Slope EP

Mishell is an upcoming producer from Tel Aviv. His Slope EP is a very diverse record – every track with a different feel, from positive to even more dark vibes. All of them combine the same influences such as funky vibes, trance melodies, rolling house bass lines as well as organic percussions and instruments. The track Tika was created in collaboration with his good friend Lott.
On top Spanish acid line expert Bawrut contributed a slamming remix that totally sets the dancefloor on fire!

Johannes Klingebiel – Grosse Trommel LP

Following his pre-album ALLES ODER NICHTS EP from October, Johannes Klingebiel finally unveils his full new album for Feines Tier, and this time he’s hitting the Bass Drum, la Gran Cassa, die GROSSE TROMMEL!

Consisting of a collection of tunes written during the lockdown months, you can feel a sense of longing for the dancefloor in the music. As can be said for most of Johannes’ productions it’s walking the line between being ready for the club and your headphones or kitchen HiFi-system at the same time.
Besides the already released EP-tunes some standouts in the tracklist include the title track with its Aphex Twin-esque combination of harsh drum beats and gorgeous melodies, the garage-house-floating beauty SCHWEBEN or the simplistic KLARHEIT with its Kraftwerky minimalism. The soft double-stroke of ACHJA and VIELLEICHT is closing out the record with a melancholic sigh, leaving you thinking „maybe, just maybe it will all work out in the end…“

Feines Tier