Ikaro Grati – Search Language EP

Brussels-based up-and-coming talent Ikaro Grati marks his Feines Tier debut with the four track SEARCH LANGUAGE EP. As Ikaro himself puts it, it’s „an euphonious exploration of the new generation, weaving together their hopes, dreams, challenges, and contradictions into a sonic tapestry“. And indeed, if this sound represents the new generation, then we’re in good hands! It’s diverse and sprawling, yet laser-focused in its production.

Take the title track with its clear-cutting drum patterns, warm basslines and super-sharp lead sounds, the picture is clear, no smudge on the lense to distort our view. Or „Run Like A Child“ with its bouncing vocal samples and synth arpeggios creating a playful and whimsical vibe, „reflecting the vibe of hope and renewal“ as Ikaro himself puts it. „Social Syndrome“ gets more serious with pulsing 303s and dramatic string pads. Ikaro says „the track is about the pressure of the younger generation to be constantly connected and the social anxiety that can result“, for example by social media tending to create unrealistic expectations and feelings of inadequacy.

The EP closes with the bangin’ „New Leaf Generation“, which alternates urging vocal loops with intense synth explorations. The tune culminates in a break introducing beautiful poly-synth chord progressions before throwing us back into the relentless groove of before. „This track evokes a sense of hope and optimism, as it describes a generation that is standing up for what they believe“ says Ikaro. Let’s celebrate them for that!

Cover art: Yan Bapala

Dominik Marz – For All Time EP

Our busy Bavarian boy Dominik Marz makes a hard hitting return on Feines Tier with his new „For All Time“ EP. Such a title demands for big emotions, big synths, big breaks, and naturally Dominik brings them all! With his trademark sense for stripped-down on-the-nose drum patterns paired with in-your-face bass riffs and laser-focused sample usage he makes sure to bring any dancefloor to that rolling boiling Marz level. You know, that collective state of consciousness where nobody really knows when it actually began and everybody hopes for it never to stop with the perpetual urge to raise your hands and scream some undefined sounds of joy. We could go through the individual tracks and explain what makes each of them great, but better simply dive in yourselves, as with this one, you can’t really miss anyway!

Cover art: David Kochs

Last Tier Standing in Odonien

lastbeatstanding und Feines Tier präsentieren
>> LINE UP <<
Curses (Dischi Autunno/Ombra INTL)
Philipp Fein (Feines Tier)
Keikee (Feines Tier)
Freddy & Tammo (Cypher)
>> DOORS <<
08. September // 23:00h
Hornstraße 85
50823 Köln

Bryan Kessler – An Idea Of What We Could Be If We Were Not Ourselves EP

The next installment on Feines Tier is being delivered by none other than musician, poet and enfant terrible extraordinaire Bryan Kessler and boy, does he deliver indeed, giving us „An Idea Of What We Could Be If We Were Not Ourselves“. And however you might decode this idea personally (as it is brought to us in the language of music), it is certainly a precisely shaped one. All over the EP Bryan is bringing the goods with his signature raw-yet-meticuosly-arranged production style introducing sudden flashes of ecstasy, be it with some surprise trancy synth stabs (on the title track), red-herring-piano-chords („Forgot to Forget“) or raunchy sax samples („Fingernails and Breakfast“). As you already might’ve noticed by now, Bryan is also on top of his naming game, giving us the (un-)aptly named „Minimal Sucks Hard“, which contains a hard-hitting beat that reads like a Kessleresque variation of a Rominimal House tune. So to give you a summarizing evaluation of the countless ideas flowing around in this EP: When in doubt, go Kessler! 

Get it HERE

Cover pic: Tobi Huschka

Feines Tier am Pier

✧ Heimlich Knüller (Berlin)
✧ Martha van Straaten (Berlin)
✧ Philipp Fein (Köln)
✧ Amy G. Dala
✧ Diegö
✧ Müller mit Siegel
✧ Zekt

Saturday 12.08.2023 // 17:00 – 06:00 Uhr
Fridas Pier, Ober- & Unterdeck, Stuttgart Ost

Das Kölner Record Label und Partyreihe FEINES TIER bringt uns mit drei Ausnahmekünstlern eine laue Sommerbrise aufs Schiff. Tanzen ist vorpragrammiert.
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Das Hausrecht obliegt dem Betreiber. Das Ticket ist KEINE Einlassgarantie !

Feines Tier im Gewölbe

► THEUS MAGO (Duro, Feines Tier)
► KEIKEE (Feines Tier)
► PHILIPP FEIN (Feines Tier)

Saturday: 05.08.2023
Start: 23:00
Tickets an der Abendkasse ab 23 Uhr und online im VKK: https://gewoelbe.ticket.io/

Playtimes findet ihr auf der Club-Webseite: https://www.gewoelbe.club/
Das Gewölbe ist klimatisiert. Gewölbe is fully air-conditioned.
feel safe – feel free
Das Gewölbe soll für alle Gäste ein geschützter Ort sein. Deshalb gilt ein striktes Fotoverbot im gesamten Klub.
Unabhängig von Herkunft, Geschlecht, sexueller Orientierung oder Religion erwarten wir von all unseren Gästen einen respektvollen Umgang miteinander. Homophobie, sexistisches oder rassistisches Verhalten sowie jegliche andere Form von Diskriminierung, Gewalt oder Beleidigungen haben im Gewölbe keinen Platz. Solltet ihr Zeug:innen von unangemessenem Verhalten werden oder selbst in eine unangenehme Lage kommen, wendet euch bitte jederzeit an unser Personal.
Bei verlorengegangenen Gegenständen bitte eine Mail an lostandfound@gewoelbe.net schreiben

Feines Tier