Theus Mago – Carrier People EP

Theus Mago – the man, the myth, the legend from Mexico City. Leaving behind his characteristic synthwave / dark disco sound, the Duro label cofounder delivers a new experience where modular synths and Amazonian rhythms blend seamlessly with a type of laidback psychedelic techno music. All of this thanks to a huge amount of spices added to glue everything together just nice and deliciously. The Carrier People EP features three heating original tracks and a remix interpretation by unmistakable Curses.

A1 Theus Mago – Carrier People
A2 Theus Mago – Carrier People (Curses Remix)
B1 Theus Mago – Pick Up Your Phone
B2 Theus Mago – Pascuel

Release: 14.02.2020 (vinyl) // 28.02.2020 (digital)
worldwide distribution:

Acud – Der Gang EP

Big time! Did Acud pull these two catchy and slow tunes just out of his hat? Yes indeed, the man behind Berlin’s Keller label delivers two timeless tracks out of nothing and infects everyone within earshot. Nonchalent vocals and synths of „Der Gang“ make you instantly feel better even if you already felt good before listening. „Immer So“ is pure love with a touch of melodrama. Super producer Aera picks up this feeling perfectly with a remix made for the floors of dance. Triple classic alert!

Release: 29.11.2019
Download & Stream:
Worldwide distribution: kompakt

Ninze – Comode 01 EP

Ketapop’s finest Ninze from Leipzig is dropping his first solo vinyl on limited Feines Tier colored double vinyl. Comode 01 is a selection of productions in a comfy bpm and mood.
Draped by diverse styled remixes of long term friends DWIG, Nicola Cruz, Philipp Fein and Schlepp Geist.


No Sferics & Tweaks Video:

Thomass Jackson – Cowbells & Temples EP

Having discovered electronic music at the end of the 90’s, Thomass grew up going to raves where trance was one of the main styles played at this massive partys. The influence it had on him was planted deeply into his DNA and this EP is the interpretation he has these days of the genre. He moved on to different pastures soon after but the style was already in him.
Thomass now takes the old fashioned elements he still likes and takes them to new directions. Fueled by gated chords, dreamy arpeggios, trippy vocals and percussions this tracks are destined to take you back into the past and bring you right back to the present.
Forget what you learned. Trance not trance.


A1 Thomass Jackson – Cowbells & Temples
A2 Thomass Jackson – Cowbells & Temples (Man Power Remix)
B1 Thomass Jackson – Volcanico
B2 Thomass Jackson – Volcanico (Mytron & Ofofo Remix)
B3 Thomass Jackson – Go Figure

Digital Xtra
Thomass Jackson – Volcanico (Daniel Nitsch Remix)


Luca Musto – Proper Preaching EP

Real Name, No Gimmicks.

In late 2015, Luca’s debut “Situations” first saw the light of day on Feines Tier. The EP was a whimsical fusion of his Hip-Hop roots with electric rhythms and mesmerizing boogie. Now, with his forthcoming third solo record “Proper Preaching”, he comes full circle.

Musto returns with a blend of handmade instrumental sound by his fellow musicians and that special dash of his notorious intricate groove.
The record takes the listeners on a spiritual ride of revelations and hidden messages. Simultaneously, the four tracks deal with philosophical issues by telling stories of morality in “Lucy’s Intension,” the ambitions in “State of Grind” and “Lie To Me,” and finally faith in “Proper Preaching.”

All of this is merged together by the use of samples as well as Luca’s own recordings of words and atmospheres. Finally, the bigger picture is revealed, fueled by the eloquent subtext and the memory of the ones he lost.

„No matter how simple things look, when God is in it, no one can destroy it“

Can we get a witness?


Release Date: 26.04.2019 (vinyl + single) // 10.05.2019 (digital)

worldwide distribution:
Catalog No. FT015


A1 Luca Musto – Lucy’s Intension
A2 Luca Musto – State Of Grind
B1 Luca Musto – Lie To Me
B2 Luca Musto – Proper Preaching

Written, Produced and Mixed by Luca Musto
at Buschfunk Studios, Berlin

Additional Guitars by Leo-Ebert Glang
Additional Cello by Benny Boginski

(p)&(c) Feines Tier

Feines Tier