Acud – Der Gang EP

Big time! Did Acud pull these two catchy and slow tunes just out of his hat? Yes indeed, the man behind Berlin’s Keller label delivers two timeless tracks out of nothing and infects everyone within earshot. Nonchalent vocals and synths of „Der Gang“ make you instantly feel better even if you already felt good before listening. „Immer So“ is pure love with a touch of melodrama. Super producer Aera picks up this feeling perfectly with a remix made for the floors of dance. Triple classic alert!

Release: 29.11.2019
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Worldwide distribution: kompakt

Pletnev – No Bad Decisions EP

4 track EP “No Bad Decisions” is Pletnev’s debut on Cologne based imprint Feines Tier. And here he matches perfectly with label requirements – hidden melodies, dozens of layers and sounds. Truly simple and addictive music for parties with soul, big or small.

For the recent few years Pletnev did a solid statement as a producer with releases for Lithuanian Le Temps Perdu imprint or french labels KUMP and Hard Fist where he always explored a variety of genres melting tribal, EBM and techno into one solid peace of gold. Originally Russian, Pletnev now settled in Vilnius where he represents incredibly booming local scene being a resident of Opium club.

Title tune “No Bad Decisions” is a noisy electronic boogie with drunk arpeggios & filtered bassline. Comemé based Ana Helder delivers more dance floor oriented version of the track. “Almost Equal” continues the general line of the EP with jumpy boogie beat & tribal percussions. “Norton Commander” makes a perfect balance and adds mystic darkness through running sub bassline & sliding atonal bells. And simple 808 beat makes out of tune a perfect trancy option for the late party hours.

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▸ Arutani || ℓℓ

▸ Heimlich Knüller || FƬ

▸ Laetizia || ℓℓ

▸ Luis Rosenberg || FƬ

▸ Philipp Fein || FƬ

▸ Sarah Wild || Gutzeit

▸ Scrounger || ℓℓ

▸ Thor Rixon ▾ ʟɪᴠᴇ || ℓℓ



Feines Tier im Kater Blau

► Bufi (Duro)
► Daniel Nitsch (Feines Tier)
► Detmolt (Feines Tier)
► Heimlich Knüller (Feines Tier)
► Holger Hecler (Feines Tier)
► Philipp Fein (Feines Tier)

Sonntägliches Rudeltreffen und montäglicher Wochenstart near the zugängliches Spreeufer in Berlin. Das bedeutet tierisches Tummeln mit Feines Tier und Spezialgast Bufi aus Mexiko Stadt, dessen EP beim Kölner Label bereits in den Startlöchern steht.

Feines Tier