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Annual moped gang club meeting first edition. Open for everyone. Foxtails prohibited.


▸ rampue ▾ ʟɪᴠᴇ || Audiolith
◈ https://soundcloud.com/rampue

▸ Martha van Straaten || ℓℓ
◈ https://soundcloud.com/marthavanstraaten

▸ Thor Rixon ▾ ʟɪᴠᴇ || ℓℓ/ Get Physical
◈ https://soundcloud.com/thorrixon

▸ Holger Hecler || FƬ
◈ https://soundcloud.com/holgerhecler

▸ Brothers || ℓℓ
◈ https://soundcloud.com/romanticbromance

▸ Philipp Fein || FƬ
◈ https…

15 Mai 12:09 AM 0

Luca Musto - Proper Preaching EP

Real Name, No Gimmicks.

In late 2015, Luca’s debut “Situations” first saw the light of day on Feines Tier. The EP was a whimsical fusion of his Hip-Hop roots with electric rhythms and mesmerizing boogie. Now, with his forthcoming third solo record “Proper Preaching”, he comes full circle…

18 Apr 1:41 AM 0

Feines Tier LIVE w/ Rampue live * Ninze & Okaxy live * Ankaïn

Ausgabe Nr.2 unserer gerade auf die Welt gekommenen Live Reihe findet im Gloria statt und wir freuen uns mit Rampue sowie Ninze & Okaxy zwei außergewöhnliche Acts zu präsentieren. Support kommt von Ankaïn, bestehend aus Detmolt, Paul Valentin und Franzi, mit DJ-Session und Live-Vocal…

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Feines Tier Super Bundle

Limited amount of surprise boxes.

+ 2 x Feines Tier 12″ super limited vinyl test pressings randomly selected from our stock
+ 1x Feines Tier Zoo Vol.1 (Double CD // 22 Tracks)
+ 1 x Feines Tier logo bag randomly selected from 10 different colors
+ 10 x Feines Tier stickers
+ Download Genii – Till…

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Carrot Green - Kin Sharuba EP

Carrot Green from Rio de Janeiro is a very nice guy. Actually you can hear that in his music – he’s providing beautiful world styles combined with classic electronic elements in a very different way since years. The Kin Sharuba EP contains an Acid driven original tune and another one…

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